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Love for the BL manga-ka Sumomo Yumeka
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♥ about the community

This is the first livejournal community dedicated to the manga-ka Sumomo Yumeka - and it's about time! Please only come here if you like Bl, Sumomo Yumeka, or are interested in learning more about this wonderful artist. Posts can include fanart, fanfic, news, links to downloads, graphics, and anything Sumomo related. On various occasions it's okay to post about another artist that you genuinly believe will be of interests to other Sumomo fans.

♥ rules

Please just be respectful here! I think Sumomo has the sort of fans that will naturally be respectful to other fans - I hope! Please keep muliple or large images behind a cut. Teasers and thumbnails are ok but everything else needs to be hidden away! And please, no community advertisements.

♥ disclaimers

Most scans used in this community will be from either Mochi Mochi or East-27. The current layout is by out_of___tune with scans of Tenshi wo Tsukuru from East 27

♥ moderators

venoz & ihrtgehcwbys